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609 Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, CA, 94304
United States


Going In Style Travel Store at Standford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California is your one stop shop for travel adapters and travel accessories...


Travel Adapters

Going In Style Travel Store at Stanford Shopping Center is your single source for travel adapters for every country in the world. We have the adapters you need for any destination, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Tanzania...

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Power outlet in the United Kingdom

Power outlet in the United Kingdom

Grounded Adapter Plugs

If you are traveling with a grounded United States dual/multi-voltage appliance or using a grounded Transformer you will need to use a grounded adaptor plug. A grounded United States plug has two flat blades and one round pin.

Non-Grounded Adapter Plugs

Going In Style offers non-grounded adapter plugs for use with your voltage converter, transformer, or dual/multi voltage appliance. A non-grounded United States plug has two flat blades.

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Planning a trip to Europe, Africa or the land down under? Don't forget your travel adapter. Travel adapters allow you to plug in your US electronics and appliances such as cell phone chargers, hair dryers, clothes irons, iPad charger, etc., into your the wall outlets in your destination country.

For example if you are traveling to Great Britain with your Kindle and Kindle power charger, the wall outlets in the UK accept to power plugs with three, square pins. Since United States have power plugs with two flat pins, you will need a United Kingdom adapter plug to plug in your Kindle charger.

Shop for adapters online on Going In Style's easy to use adapter website Simply select your destination country and choose whether you want grounded adapters, nongrounded adapters or both.

Male Side of UK Adapter

Male Side of UK Adapter

Female Side of UK Adapter

Female Side of UK Adapter